When used with thought and intent, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to build your  professional networks and to find qualified leads

LinkedIn is an amazing way to professionally stay in-touch with past and present coworkers, college friends, like-minded professionals, and especially connecting with individuals you don’t even know- YET. 😊 

There’s no magic trick or special tools you need to start connecting with complete strangers on LinkedIn; however, there are a few principles you should bear-in-mind when sending connection requests. 

Below are 5-points, you must do when connecting with somebody on LinkedIn that you have never met before, these will make your method of connecting much more attractive and help raise your area of influence:

1. tailor your message to connect to the individual.

You want to make sure that you stand out from a multitude of others wanting to connect and capture their attention. Please throw out those canned messages like, “I would love to get in touch with you on LinkedIn,” this will certainly not attract the reader whatsoever. If you don’t take some time to put some thought into your greeting, why should they consider accepting your request to connect?

2. tell them who you are.

Tell them what you have in general. Did another connection refer you to them? Do you both take part in a LinkedIn group? Maybe you both work in the same type of occupation?  Make sure you state whatever you have in common.

3. express your reason for wanting to connect.

What is your desire in requesting to connect with this individual? Do they operate in your market? Are they a fellow alumnus? Are you searching to find a coach in your field? Tell them what prompted your curiosity to send an invitation to connect. If there’s no real reason and you’re simply requesting randomly, then you’re truly not using LinkedIn properly. STOP, and rethink your reasons to connect. Do they line up with your goals for your network of influencers?

4. lEAD wITH your value to connect.

How might he or she benefit by connecting with you? Can you make suggestions of individuals in your network to connect them to? Could they find employment openings at your firm, that they may be qualified for? Give them a reason to say “YES, I want to connect!” to your invitation.

5. Lastly, GET to the point.

Remember K.I.S.S., Keep It Super Simple. You just have 300 characters to convince this individual to connect.

You’re ready to start approaching people you don’t know on LinkedIn!

Begin creating those amazing personalized connection invitations that will certainly raise curiosity, because you took the time to get to know the individual first.

Keep this one thing in mind… You only get ONE opportunity to make an excellent first impression.

Make every effort to make your message memorable, exciting, and enticing! If you need help, reach out to me at Terri@5StarDA.com.